EdgeVideo Productions provides turn-key solutions to bring your message to life with a full featured DVD with motion menus, animation, high quality Dolby Digital Sound and widescreen video. All presented in full five color packaging and replicated DVD. As many as you want from 1,000 to 100,000. Blu-Ray DVD replication is also available, as well as High Definition DVD authored to a standard DVD in AVCHD format, playable on most Blu-Ray players. We also provide CD-ROM content produced in Flash. All of our DVD services are also available to stream on the internet with fully functioning menus and video. Everything we produce can be purposed for use on popular social media such as You-Tube, Facebook, My Space etc. As part of your project we will provide video in any format you need to stream video on your existing website. Contact us and we'll discuss a complete turn-key plan for your project based on your goals and your budget.




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